<a href="https://www.tomoson.com?code=TOPa82a3075496dad6a95cfb4f7756961cf" rel="nofollow" style="display: none;"></a>                    I live right in the heart of North Carolina. One moment it could be sunny and 80°. The next, it could be 30° and snowing. In this state you just never know what is in store, weather wise. I bought this AWESOME American flag car cover. It is primarily used as a snow cover, but can be used as a Storage cover, Ice protectors, wind proof, even in a sand storm! We dont have those here in NC, but we DO have our fair share of hurricanes! The cover even comes with its own seperate mirror covers! It can be used on Cars, trucks, SUV's, vans almost any kind of normal vehicles! It has elastic drawstrings on the side that you can fasten and tuck away on the inside of your vehicle! It even protects from harmful UV rays and is ECO friendly! It dont get much better than that! I am so impressed with it, I bought another one for my husbands truck! My friends have even bought some for themselves as well! My truck is a big Dodge Ram, so I was a bit worried that it wouldnt fit. The drawstrings on the sides were so easy to position it on my truck and it fits perfect! I highly reccomend it for anyone in any types of weather! Want one for yourself? Take a look at them right here! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Y2SPR4X <a href="https://www.tomoson.com?code=BOTTOMa82a3075496dad6a95cfb4f7756961cf" rel="nofollow" style="display: none;"></a>