Hi Everyone! I found this really super soft v-neck shirt a week ago. Its by mountbeyond and I bought it thru Amazon. They had a few solid colors and they had some really nice striped colors as well. When I say they are SOFT, They are SUPER SOFT! It feels like a mixture of soft cotton and spandex. Yes, women love spandex because it hugs our body, makes up feel slimmer and makes up feel beautiful! I got the dark blue shirt. And let me tell you it is sooo super confortable and warm! Yes, it is long sleeves just in perfect time for the cold weather! I live in North Carolina, and on ANY given day it can be 10° in the morning, and 80° in the afternoon! So we dress in layers. This shirt is perfect for layering because it holds in heat very well! The first day I got it and wore it, of course it rained. With this spandex, I hang it up to dry, and within 30-45 minutes, it was literally almost completely dry!! Thats a big plus in my book! Ive gotten alot if compliments on this shirt already, I just love it! Im also thinking about buying another one!! If you are interested in buyinh one for yourself, I will post the link below! Hope you enjoy it as much as I have! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YDJK4WP